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I'm love taking photos especially when when I'm travelling. I have two ancient Minolta cameras that are manual or aperture priority. It's great because I know that I've taken the photos instead of the camera.
I only shoot with slide film because I believe it gives me the best quality images. I have a negative and positive scanner so I can scan in my slides and work with them in Photoshop.
To the right you can see some of my favourite photos. Move your mouse over the thumbnails at the bottom to select the photo. You might have to wait a moment for the images to preload if you have a slow internet connection.
You can see more photos in my gallery. Each image is loaded when requested so it may take a minute before you can see the photo with a slow Internet connection.
In case you're interested, the popup image gallery is built in Flash using an XML file as the datasource. My book, Foundation XML for Flash, shows you how to build something similar.
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